about us


Hello my name is Jens and I am the managing director of Aquatikstore.de

I have been an enthusiastic aquarist for about 30 years now and of course, like everyone, looking for the best fish food.

After years of trying different types of food, I decided to have my own fish food made or mixed according to my own recipe and then sell it online. So I founded aquatikstore.de with the new, very high quality and natural food varieties Aquatik-Energy and Aquatik-Flowerhorn.

These two new types of food have a high protein content and many valuable vitamins and minerals. It is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that regulate fish metabolism.

In addition, it contains only natural color enhancers such as B. astaxanthin or carotenoids.

My team, which has grown in the meantime, and I have also made it our task that high-quality fish feed does not have to be expensive but should be affordable. For this reason, in the future we will eg no elaborate high-gloss packaging and expensive advertising for our fish feed.

We prefer to focus on the quality of our fish feed and keep developing it.

Environmental protection will also be a very important aspect of aquatikstore.de in the future. This is as close to our hearts as our fish feed and fish itself.

For this reason, we will also do without harmful plastic packaging in the future and instead use recyclable or reusable packaging material.

The assortment of aquatikstore.de includes very high quality granules, sticks, color and premium fish food for smaller neons up to larger and more demanding cichlid species. The right food for every fish.

The aquatikstore.de team is looking forward to your visit and wishes you lots of fun browsing through our diverse range.