aquatikstore fish food


Why is the right choice of your fish food so important?

  • There are a variety of different fish species, all of which have different requirements.

  • Good fish food is the most important source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins for your fish.

  • It is crucial for optimal growth and healthy development as well as a good color expression of your fish.

  • Good fish food should be produced as naturally and gently as possible so that all the nutrients in the ingredients are preserved.

  • It should contain almost no chemical components.

  • Good fish food should only contain natural color enhancing additives for an optimal color expression of your fish.

Is there such a food?


Naturally! Aquatic gates fish feed meet all these requirements and much more.

Many years of research, testing and cooperation with leading ichthyologists have been behind the quality of the fish food from Aquatikstore.

Fish food from Aquatikstore is extruded.

During extrusion, the cell walls of all organic substances contained in the feed are torn apart by negative pressure. The nutrients hidden in these cells are preserved. This leads to a significantly higher digestibility of feed and a lower consumption of this feed (about 60% compared to conventional flaked feed).

Fish food from Aquatikstore is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3, Omega-6) that regulate fish metabolism, which ensures healthy and vigorous growth of your ornamental fish.

For a perfect color expression of your ornamental fish, the fish food from Aquatikstore contains high-quality natural pigments such as astaxanthin, carotenoids and paprika pigment, as well as various algae such as spirulina (rich in carotenoids, proteins, vitamins and minerals) and chlorella, which are considered growth factors.

Fish food from Aquatikstore brings about a fast, healthy growth of your fish through its special selection of proteins in connection with carbohydrates and fats. The excretions of your fish are reduced and the water is less polluted.

You shouldn't get a nitrite or nitrate peak right away if you have seen too much on the outside.
Fish food from Aquatikstore gradually sinks to the bottom and does not cloud the water. It is soft but does not crumble. Thanks to the distinctive feed color from the natural pigments, the uneaten food can be easily recognized on the floor and the dosage can be changed easily.

Thanks to a balanced and coordinated composition of the ingredients, the fish food from Aquatikstore is suitable for many ornamental fish in our aquariums. From small neons to larger cichlid species, the fish food from Aquatikstore is suitable and is eagerly and happily accepted.