Fascination with flowerhorn. The pit bull in the aquarium


The Flowerhorn is a large and very colorful fish that can easily reach a size of 30 cm and more.
Intensive breeding has resulted in a very beautiful and impressive fish that has become very well known and relatively widespread in the past few years.

Flowerhorns look undoubtedly interesting, get an imposing size and coloring and with age the males get an equally impressive forehead hump.

In cooperation with various breeders and dealers, aquatikstore.de has made it its task to make these very interesting fish better known in Europe and to eliminate their negative reputation in the aquarium industry.

In the past few years, Flowerhorn fish have made a triumphal march around the world. Only in Europe are you paid relatively little attention.

These colorful fish were bred from some Amphilophus Chichlids from Central and South America and are therefore hybrids like many other ornamental fish in our aquariums.


The keeping of these magnificent fish is relatively easy as long as you pay attention to some things.
Due to the expected size of flowerhorns, you need a larger aquarium with plenty of space for swimming. A 200 liter aquarium is the minimum that you should offer an adult flowerhorn.
They also love it a bit warmer so the temperatures should be between 28 ° C and 30 ° C. The pH value also plays an important role in keeping, since acidic water can weaken the colors of the fish and make the fish sick. A slightly alkaline water with a pH between 7 and 8 is recommended.
In addition, a generous water filtration is very important when keeping Flowerhorn like any other larger cichlid, because these large fish also produce tons of waste that can greatly increase the nitrite and nitrate content in the water. You can choose both internal and external filtration.
When it comes to decorating, less is more. Flowerhorn are strong and robust fish that design their aquarium the way they like it. Therefore, you should pay attention to the good hold of the decoration as these fish can easily push stones and roots through the aquarium. It is also better to use coarser gravel for the substrate, as it is always pushed across the aquarium. For plants in the aquarium, you should only take very robust ones if at all and fasten them well, otherwise sooner or later they will no longer be where you initially decorated them.


They also have special requirements when it comes to nutrition. Only high-quality and protein-rich feed should be used. For health reasons, live food or frozen food such as mosquito larvae or the like should be avoided, as this can cause them to suffer from intestinal flag gelates more frequently. Otherwise, a high-quality cichlid food in granules, sticks or pellet form is to be selected, which has a high protein content. There is also very good flowerhorn food in the trade that is designed for the special needs of these fish.


A gender determination at Flowerhorn is only possible from a size of 10 cm - 12 cm. The anal pores in these fish have a V-shape in males and a U-shape in females. In addition, females have a not as striking and pronounced head shape as the males when they are adults.
The reproduction or breeding of these fish is not that easy because they are a bit picky and not every male fits every female. However, once a couple has found a very interesting courtship behavior. But be careful this behavior can also quickly turn into aggression which often leads to the death of the female.
If you are planning to breed these beautiful fish, you should first hold males and females next to each other for a while through a transparent partition so that they can see and get used to each other. Only shortly before the egg is laid should you add the male and then always stay with it and observe that everything is going well.
It is highly recommended to remove the male after the spawning act, otherwise there is a risk that the female will be too crowded or bite, which means unnecessarily much stress for the female. After 3 to 4 days the little flowerhorn larvae hatch and after about 4 weeks you can already recognize them as fish.
If a flowerhorn is only a few centimeters tall, there is a high susceptibility to various diseases. These diseases often end with the death of the fish. Too much stress is also not good for these special fish.

In the case of a larger male, however, a higher stress load is desirable, since this stimulates the growth of the forehead hump.

This can be done e.g. can be achieved by temporarily placing a mirror on the windscreen or inserting it into the aquarium. But too much stress is unhealthy for your loved ones.


The price of a flowerhorn depends on the quality of the fish.
Larger males, with a pronounced forehead hump and interesting drawing and coloring, often achieve prices of a few hundred euros.

Those who breed more common varieties such as If you want to buy Red Dragon, you can get young animals from one or the other breeder for as little as € 30.


If you have decided on a flowerhorn after weighing the pros and cons, you will quickly find out that this is a very special fish. It is a fish with character. It is not uncommon for Flowerhorn to be touched and stroked by her "owner". Until then, you have to be patient and deal intensively with your darling.

So you see Flowerhorn are fish that can be kept in an aquarium just like any other ornamental fish, just with a few special properties.

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