The super food among fish feeds


Aquatik-Energy is a naturally balanced mixture of fish feed specially selected by Aquatikstore. It has a high protein content and many valuable vitamins and minerals.

It is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that regulate fish metabolism, which ensures healthy and vigorous growth of the fish.

In addition, Aquatik-Energy increases the color splendor of its ornamental fish through the increased addition of purely natural color enhancers, such as astaxanthin or carotenoids.

Your fish will love it.

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Aquatik-Energy Cichliden Granules 130 g

Product no.: FH009

6.60 *

Aquatik-Energy Cichliden Color 130g

Product no.: FH010

8.70 *

Aquatik-Energy Cichliden Sticks 130g

Product no.: FH012

6.60 *

Aquatik-Energy Cichliden Power 130g

Product no.: FH015

7.30 *
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